KVS LDC Gk question asked in today exam- 19/02/2018

KVS LDC Exam -19/02/2018 All 15 GA Question Asked in Exam

1)NPOF Full Form 

2)PETA Full Form

3)Jasvir Singh related to which sport 

4)Nobel prize 2017 individual related to field- 

5)Polly Umrigar Award 2017 

6)Mumbai -Ahmadabad high speed train MOU

7)13TH President

8)Arab world 1st Universal museum- MOU bet which 2 country 

9)1que related to preamble

10)name Ranji team who lost 

11)Young scientist award 2016- 

12)Udrada in Gujarat famouse for- 

13)Author of "India's struggle for Independence" 

14)National river of india-

15)one que related to opposition leader in lok sabha -politician

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